Why Smart Tech is Good for Kids

When you think of smart technology and your children, you might think about tablets and other smart entertainment devices. What you might not realize, though, is how much safer smart tech can keep your kids – while also making your home a little more fun for them to live in, too.

Keeping them safe
Every day smart tech can keep you safe, but there’s always an extra layer of concern when it comes to protecting your kids. It’s no longer uncommon to see kids who come home from school to an empty house, but at least now there’s a way to check in on them while you’re at work!

Door and window sensors can alert you that your child arrived home safely, and a smart door lock enables you to let them in if they’ve locked themselves out. Consider equipping your home with a camera with two-way communication abilities. Keeping all these controls in the palm of your hand can also come in handy when you need to know whether your teenager was home for curfew, to let in the babysitter, or any other situation that may arise.

Lighting the way
Lighting control seems handy when you think about saving on energy costs, or for your added security when programmed to simulate someone’s at home, but have you considered the impact your lighting has on your schedule? Imagine timing dimmers in your kids’ rooms to signal wind-down time before bed. Even better, ease your younger children’s worries of the dark by programming a night light.

Kids at play
We can’t forget the fun stuff, though! Smart tech is more than just an ability to stream music through your home – we can help you optimize your home and network capability for gaming, family holiday parties, and personalized settings for everyone in your home. By setting up a VPN, firewalls, and parental controls for things like time limits, you can set your kids up for fun, while still keeping them safe.

Ask us how!
If you’ve been thinking about how to implement more kid-friendly smart technology into your home, let us help! We have everything you’ll need to keep your kids entertained and safe.



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