Proactive Measures to Protect Your Physical and Cyber Security

Our personal security is again weighing on our minds as we witness yet another tragic, senseless shooting. We send our kids off to school or attend an event at a crowded venue and have to consider what potential threats we’ll need to consider. We need to even stop and think before shopping online, wondering which of our favorite retailers will be hacked next and if our personal information will be compromised. How can we combat these everyday threats?

Smile for the Camera!
First, be alert. As your primary line of defense, be aware of your surroundings always. Be conscious of your vulnerabilities. Take a proactive role to ensure the personal safety of your family, employees, clients and community. Install a camera system. We’ve all seen how effective doorbell cameras are in preventing would-be criminals; visible cameras are not only an excellent deterrent for burglars but can also provide critical evidence should a crime be committed. A monitored system is invaluable as well, especially when tied in to a comprehensive life-safety and security system that includes smoke and CO detectors, motion and glass-break detectors and window contacts. And imagine the comfort of having a single panic button on a keypad near your bed to call out to police, fire fighters or paramedics.

Just add Light!
Automated Lighting and motorized shades provide an effective deterrent for would-be criminals. Interior and outdoor landscape lighting can be programmed to imitate home occupancy, whether you’re just out for a day of shopping or traveling for weeks overseas. Integrated in to your camera system, lights can be activated when motion is sensed with text alerts and video sent to your smart phone. Regardless of whether it’s your home, house of worship or favorite restaurant, a well-lit building and parking lot are a criminal’s worst enemy.

How is Your Cyber Health?
Which will it be this holiday season? It seems that we’re seeing data breeches more commonly among major retailers. With the holidays fast approaching and many of us shopping online, we need to be diligent to protect ourselves from cyber-crimes. Again, be smart and take measures to ensure the security of your networks, both at home and in your business. If your infrastructure is outdated, make it a priority to upgrade it now!

Prepared and proactive
Finally, formulate a plan. What will you do in the event of an active shooter event or natural disaster? Does everyone know how to alert the authorities, access the fire extinguishers and engage the smart door locks? Allocate time to check your community’s resources and formulate a plan. If you are interested in having a complimentary assessment of your security or infrastructure systems, please contact us and we’ll get it scheduled.
Please share links to any resources you’ve found to be valuable from your school, our local law enforcement and fire departments, etc. Together, we can make our community a safer place.



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