Make Your Kitchen an Entertainment Space This Holiday Season

Whenever you think about the holidays, you probably think about friends and family around the table, enjoying a meal and each other. You might think about presents or twinkle lights – or maybe you just think about sitting down to watch your favorite holiday flick. The reality, though, is that you’re probably spending a lot more time (or could be) in the kitchen.

A kitchen to suit your needs
Entertaining spaces are important – but that doesn’t always just mean the room where your television lives. Think about the amount of personalization that went into your kitchen – it’s arguably one of the most personal, necessary rooms in your entire home. All the more reason to pay some extra special attention to it! By incorporating the right lighting functionality, entertainment features like built-in audio or video screens, and a voice-controlled speaker like an Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple HomePod, you can personalize your kitchen to suit your needs for not only everyday living, but for special entertaining, too.

Lending an extra set of hands
There are countless options currently available for smart appliances like refrigerators, ovens and “hubs” like the Echo. Small appliances can be smart too, making your holidays a little easier. Add the Control4 outlet switch to make turning that coffee pot, crock pot, or espresso on from anywhere. So, while you’re out shopping with the family, you can easily turn on your crock pot and have the food warm and ready when you get home! While these might seem a little silly – or perhaps even intrusive to some – it’s worth taking time to consider the added convenience these appliances can bring to your home. Having an app connected to your oven means you don’t have to pause the family football game to keep the bird from burning. A smart refrigerator that can text you a picture of your refrigerator’s contents can save you from a second trip to the store. Connect these to a central hub device like your Echo, and you’ve got an extra set of hands in the kitchen!

The family hub
Families center around the dinner table, no doubt. But we always skip ahead to sitting down for the meal, without taking a moment to appreciate one of the most utilized and necessary rooms in our homes. The kitchen is where meals are made, where ideas are shared and schedules overlap. All the more reason to incorporate devices like a kitchen hub that can serve as your voice-controlled connection to the rest of your home, a helping hand for your recipes or a backup phone when your hands are full, but your in-laws want to video chat.

Going beyond typical safety features
Smarter appliances are safer appliances. With hectic schedules, any number of guests and your mind on a million different things, it wouldn’t be unheard of to forget to turn off the stove, turn off the lights or running late and needing to preheat the oven before you get home. With recent innovations, your stove and oven can now warn you that they’ve been left on – instead of hearing the news from your smoke detector (or worse). By incorporating the right smart appliances and systems, you can maximize safety and convenience in your kitchen.

If you’ve got your hands full this holiday, consider giving your family the gift of a smarter kitchen! Call us today to learn more!



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