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We recognize how important it is that your system is always operating at peak performance. After years of development we’ve created our exclusive ProCare™ program, which is a suite of solutions created to deliver a better experience for you. Made up of software, hardware, and internal tools, it allows The Loop to deliver service and support like no other Systems Integrator.

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Automation systems are dependent on a strong and reliable network connection. If the signal coming into your home is not up to par, your system will not work properly.  Monitoring internet speed and uptime allows our service department to identify connection issues.  By monitoring your system’s core network devices our team can spot and correct potential errors before they become an issue.

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External factors such as severe weather, internet and cable outages, or power blips simultaneously impact our clients. Remote reboot allows The Loop to quickly get your system back online, avoiding the cost and wait associated with getting a technician to your home.  Specific devices and systems can also be reset remotely to prevent or correct minor technical glitches.

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Remote technical support allows us to see what is happening before a technician arrives onsite.  If the issue can be fixed remotely it will be, eliminating the need for a service call.

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Clients covered by our full list of remote monitoring and diagnostic services have properly maintained systems.  If our service team cannot remotely correct the problem we immediately prioritize the service call required to resolve the issue.

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