Smarter home.
Happier life.

Automate your
lighting, entertainment,
security, climate and more

Let The Loop set the scene

Good Morning

It's 7:00 AM. Your favorite music kicks on over the bedroom speakers. Lights gradually brighten. Shades slowly rise.

The thermostat adjusts to 70° and your coffee maker brews a fresh pot. Welcome to your "Good Morning" scene.


You’re heading out for the day. All of the doors lock, the lights turn off and the security system is armed. All you had to do was press an "Away" button to orchestrate it all.

Movie Time

One button press turns on the TV, starts the movie, lights the fire, and dims the lights. Couching down for family night has never been so easy or comfortable.


It’s sunset and your house knows it. The outside lights turn on, the window shades close and your house locks the doors for you.

Ready for bed? Simply press your “Goodnight” button and all of the lights in the house shut down, the temperature sets back and the alarm arms itself.

Your Home Personalized to Your Life

Whether you want to start with one room or automate the entire house, work with one of our in-house designers, who are rigorously trained technology experts, to design the smart home of your dreams.

Plan Your Smart Home

Playing Nicely with

Brands You Love

The Loop works with over 8,000 products from hundreds of trusted manufacturers—ensuring that your favorites will always work with your system.

What our clients are saying

Follows Through

Home automation is a wonderful way to make a home easier, safer, and more fun. But it can also occasionally present challenges when a component manufacturer updates their product causing problems. This last week Apple did a major update to just about everything and Control4 was not ready. Colton, at The Loop Technologies, did a great job of troubleshooting the problem, researching solutions and working with Control 4 to get things working again. Things break, that’s a fact of life in technology, but what makes the difference is when a business and a person like Colton sticks with the problem, keeps the customer informed and follows through with a solution. Nice job Colton and The Loop Technologies! Thank you.

Kriss K.
October, 2019

Great Service

Great design and service! They followed through to make sure that every aspect of the project was done right.

George L.
October, 2019

Really helpful, fast, and friendly

Great friendly and professional service.

August, 2019


High quality audio outfit. Very professional and great at offering alternatives that meet your needs.

Marty D.
August, 2019


Efficient! Proficient! Tidy! On time! Pleasant. Able to explain tech to an old lady and not make me feel like a dunce!

Lorna A.
July, 2019


Great product and customer service!! The install was awesome! The installers were all so friendly and knowledgeable and very hard working!!! What a great experience!! Thank you!!

Stacy J.
July, 2019


I had several speakers installed for theater and distributed audio around my home. Steve and Mike from the Loop were knowledgeable, courteous, friendly, kept me informed and did an excellent job installing my speakers! looking forward to them coming back out to finish installing the rest of my system!

David M.
February, 2019


I worked with the loop to get my first hi-fi stereo. It was a small job, but it was a big investment for me. Everyone I worked with was very professional and I found them to be very responsive to my needs. I felt like they really went the extra mile to make sure I got the equipment that was right for me rather than what might have been the easiest for them to get out the door. I plan to add a component or two before too long, and I will definitely trust the loop to do right by me when that time comes.

Grant F.
February, 2019

Great Experience

I recently moved to Eagle and needed significant help getting my TV morass dealt with. I contacted Loop and they have been awesome. We decided to get a more up to date set up. Yesterday, the Loop gang set up all the new stuff (and a bunch of other things I needed). After set up, the supervisor arrived to make sure everything was correct, as well as trained us on how to use everything. Great experience. I highly recommend Loop.

Cathy G.
September, 2018

Clean and Organized

The Loop rocks! I’ve had them take care of me on two separate occasions. Most recently they upgraded my home theater system and fine-tuned my smart home configuration. They listened carefully to my needs and took care of the smallest details. Their knowledge of the latest technology is top-notch. They work in a clean and organized manner, and go to great lengths to protect the new equipment and the house they’re working in. They come prepared with all the necessary hardware and supplies. They install everything so there are no unsightly wires or cables visible. Then they go the distance to make sure everything is functioning correctly before leaving. Very thorough, courteous, and responsible. Just nice folks. I’ve got a system now that is absolutely awesome. I couldn’t be more pleased. So do yourself a favor and forget trying to put the system together yourself or hire someone because they’re ‘cheaper’. Call the folks at The Loop and enjoy!

Joseph H.
September, 2018


The Loop was a great choice for giving my home some much needed technological updates. I love the keypad locks they installed as well as my surround sound system! Eric and his team are customer friendly and very responsive. I highly recommend this company to anyone wanting to update their home from a technology standpoint.

Daniel E.
August, 2018


The Loop were my low voltage contractors when we built our new home in the Boise Historical District. They were involved during the initial planning and execution of the construction. The Control 4 system is OUTSTANDING! We didn’t install the “Lexus” version but our system exceeds all of our requirements for wi-fi, security, sound, lighting, and air conditioning.

Roy L.
November, 2017

Exceed Expectation

The Loop (Eric and his crew) continue to exceed our expectations. They truly are on top of their game. We love our Control 4 system and it is always works with VERY few hiccups! I can control almost everything in my home from my phone when I am out of town! Planning on using them for our next projects and refer this company to everyone!

Kimbra H
June, 2017

Very Knowledgeable

The Staff at The Loop are very knowledgeable and professional. We have greatly enjoyed working with them. I highly recommend their services to anyone!

Zach H.
October, 2016

Top Notch

Hello to all….

I am writing to you to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service provided by your technician, Chase. He answered all our questions, and was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the whole installation. He is definitely an asset to you company. His actions and great customer service should be rewarded.

Thanks to your company and to Chase for a top notch job !!

Jim B.
August, 2015


From my experience with audio/visual companies there have been some positives and some negatives and unfortunately you never really know what experience you may have until after work has begun. Fortunately, The Loop was a very positive experience with them delivering on everything we discussed with professionalism, and speed. They are knowledgeable about equipment and setup, however, they stand above their competition in their ability to relate to those of us who are not so up-to-speed on technology and how it can all work together for you.
I will be recommending The Loop to friends, family and co-workers and will also call them 1st when I am ready for my next upgrade.

Marshall M.
June, 2015


The Loop Technologies come out to my house and did a thorough assessment of my needs before we scheduled the work. Based on their recommendations, I had them upgrade and clean up my media cabinet, run internet and phone lines to a new office, install outdoor speakers for the pool area, an additional amplifier, and volume controls. Their technician was professional, courteous, and did a great job! I was very pleased with the pricing, quality of work, and technical expertise.

Robert R.
April, 2013