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Welcome to The Loop in Boise

The Loop designs, sells, and installs audio, video, and control systems, leveraging both our clients’ existing hardware and new hardware.  We only sell products that we have tested in our lab, or use in our own homes, to insure a premium end user experience. By utilizing a custom-built computer design system, we guarantee our clients get the absolute best value possible by specifying only those products that deliver an exact match to the client’s needs. We then support each project with our Preferred Client Care Plan, to provide years of peak performance and satisfaction.

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Home Theater & Automation Technologies

Our team is dedicated to delivering the best customer experience possible.  Whether it be hanging a TV or designing, building, and installing a $100k-plus system, our focus on every project is YOU.  With a professional focus on continuing education, our expertise is unmatched. This allows us to be a dependable resource and gives you the confidence that you are getting the best valued products and service in the Treasure Valley.

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  • Reliability
    Technology is supposed to make your life better and simpler, not more complicated. You want it to blend naturally into your home and lifestyle. Really, you just want everything to work, and work reliably, so you don't have to think about it. It's just "there". That's what you get with The Loop Technologies in Boise.

    The Loop is the local industry leader in home automation and control in Idaho. All of The Loop's products are designed, built, and guaranteed to work together flawlessly as a complete system, rather than a collection of unrelated parts.

  • Simplicity
    You know that universal remote you use to watch TV, the one that nobody can figure out how to use? Would you really want to use that same remote to control everything in your house: the TV, lights, shades, music, appliances, thermostats, video games and security system? Doesn't sound like it would make your life easier, does it.

    The Loop in Boise doesn't just add technology to your home; we simplify all the technology that's already there. We don't add layers of complexity; we remove them.

  • Personalization
    Your life, family, and home are unique. Unlike "one size fits all" solutions, a system from The Loop's certified design center and technicians is designed to blend in with your lifestyle.

    If there's one thing you can count on it's that your life and needs will change. A home automation and home theater system is also infinitely flexible, so it can grow right along with those changing needs. So, go ahead, just ask. We'll update your system to do anything you want. And you don't have to schedule an appointment.

  • Service
    Have you called your phone or cable provider for service lately? It can be a very frustrating experience, to say the least. Now, would you want to rely on them for controlling all the technology in your home?

    Premier support is more than a responsibility at The Loop; it's an extension of our commitment to provide the best, easiest customer experience. We have a local network of authorized home theater and home automation specialists ready to assist you.

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